Trade Promotion Management System

Trade Promotions Management - Process

Trade Promotion is a vital strategy implemented by Sales & Marketing teams across industries big and small to boost sales and lift.

Trade Promotions Management - Why?

Why this process needs automation and management application?

  • Process is mostly Excel based and 'Silo-ed'

  • Budgetary controls are minimal and least enforced

  • Info visibility at various levels is limited, lacking holistic view

  • Approvals are email based and lack compliance

  • Analytical capability is limited

  • Claims are riddled with Disputes and delays

Trade Promotions Management - Advantages

  • Provides Structure for Creation and Allocation of Budgets

  • Provides Structure for Creation and Management of Promotions

  • Simplifies Accruals and Claims settlements

  • Enables Effective Reporting and Analysis

  • Enforces Compliance

  • Full Visibility into the Process in Real Time

  • Increased Productivity –More Time to Sell !!

  • Improves Partner Relationship

Trade Promotions Management - Features

  • based & tightly integrated with CRM

  • Simple and Intuitive user interface

  • Secure

  • Mobile Enabled

  • Role based information sharing

  • Modular

  • Robust rules based accrual engine

  • Integration ready with Oracle and other leading ERP systems

  • Flexible approval processes