Information Security Services

  • Cloud Ready Architecture

  • Application Security & Risk Assessment

  • Security Testing

  • Compliance Requirements

  • Mobile Security

  • Awareness and Training

  • Polices, Standards and Guidelines

Cloud Ready Architecture

Evaluation of your multi-tiered enterprise solutions, home-grown and custom applications for small and medium business. Covering data security, data loss prevention (DLP), vulnerability assessment and compliance. We will tell you all that you need to take your business in the cloud.
Threat Model your architecture to identify areas seen by attackers and mitigate them before they are exploited.

Application Security & Risk Assessment

We will bring out security vulnerabilities in your SaaS layer, including the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities that can make your applications susceptible to malicious attacks.

Compliance Requirements

Moving business to the cloud requires re-evaluation of all controls for compliance requirements. Geo-affinity of data for health and financial reasons, protecting sensitive PII for customers, partners and employees.

Mobile Security

Secure development, distribution and testing of your mobile application is critical for ensuring your mobile application delivery is smooth and secure. Our professional services in this area will help you achieve that.

Awareness and Training

Awareness and training is key to succeed in cloud security. Each step of your SDLC needs to consider security as a key requirement. Our training will cover secure architecture, design and implementation, vulnerability assessment and secure deployment.

Polices, Standards and Guidelines

We will help shape your organizations information security policies, standards and guidelines to take your next big step in the cloud.